Laprell (left) and Laura (right) at wedding of Laprell’s son Alonzo

All too often the death of a beloved family member is the catalyst for families to get together.  We come from all across the country to say our goodbyes to our loved one.  On one hand, we’re grieving for the death of our relative and friend; on the other hand we’re rejoicing to interact with family members that we haven’t seen since the last major holiday or funeral. 

This scenario is responsible for the official birth of the Fielder Family Reunion.  Family members had come to Washington, D.C. from various regions of the country to witness the homegoing celebration for Laura Laster Payton.  We had a wonderful time sharing family stories and just getting reacquainted.  As everyone departed for their respective homes, Laprell Laster Mable, Laura’s sister, indicated that we needed an official family reunion.  She appointed Elsie (Sister) Mitchell, Brenda Lorisch and myself, Adine Mable-Lee, to organize the 1st Fielder Family Reunion which took place on August 7-9, 1998 in Atlanta, GA. 

When we meet in 2015 in Atlanta, seventeen years will have passed since that 1st reunion in Atlanta.  I reflect upon my youth when my father, Oscar Mable, insisted that our family drive from Washington, DC to Houston each summer so that we would develop a genuine relationship with our relatives.  In that same vein, my Mom has been instrumental in ensuring that we maintain and strengthen those relationships through her request for the implementation of a regularly scheduled family reunion.

There is absolutely nothing more important than family, so let’s keep the momentum going and continue to support our Fielder Family activities!!

                                                                     ...........Adine Mable-Lee

The starting point of our fielder family reunions